Thursday, 9 June 2016

Teaching and Training

Teaching is an important part of being a Medium especially educating people when they have preconceived ideas about what a Medium is and what Mediums do:

A Medium is exactly that - he or she 'tunes in' and becomes a mid point in a 3 way connection between their client and those in spirit - using their senses, the Medium acts as an open channel or link.

There are different ways of being a Medium and developing the ability to consciously tune in to each of your senses is an important part of your training.
As you develop your ability to tune in you may find that you are receiving information via one sense more regularly, or using two senses or more.

I didn't set out to be a Medium or consciously to train as one. It happened as a result of me trying to make sense of my life. I tried a class called Personal Development and as soon as we started the first session it just felt like I was in the right place and I belonged. After this introductory course I seemed to be guided to the next course and and then a class called Mediumship for Beginners.

When I started to develop my senses I would 'see' spirit as blobs of light and then started to  'hear' single words or a phrase and became quite comfortable in working this way and started to give information to my fellow classmates and invited guests.
I thought that these would be the only senses I would work with but spirit had another plan!

I continued to go to class and one day I could no longer 'see' or 'hear' spirit and was quite distressed until I realised I was 'sensing' or 'feeling' them instead.
This was interesting - it was not me who was choosing which sense to use; spirit choose the sense by which the medium receives the message!

Further on in my development I was able to 'see' and 'hear' spirit again but this time the images and sounds I received were much clearer. I continued to develop my other senses and practised asking for information to be given to me as clearly and concisely as possible.

When I work I use whichever sense feels strongest at the time and  sometimes find I'm using two or three senses or more.

When I talk about seeing, hearing, sensing, smelling, etc. it's all from an inner perspective, so I'm using my inner ear, my inner eye and my inner sense but the feeling, scent, image etc. feels, looks or sounds real at the time I receive it.

The names that have been given to the different ways a medium receives information are:

Clairvoyance - inner seeing
Clairsentience - inner feeling, emotion or physical sensation
Clairaudience - inner hearing
Claircognisance - inner knowing

Claire means clear and there are names for the other senses that are less commonly used by a Medium:
Clairgustance is clear tasting
Clairalience is clear smelling

A Psychic is not the same as a Medium but a Medium can work psychically as well as with direct spirit contact.

Spiritualism is a registered and legal religion with churches or meeting places and is based on the belief that our spirit lives on after the death of the physical body but you don't have to be a Spiritualist to practise as a Medium unless working in Spiritualist churches.

I'll be writing more soon about the imortance of education in Mediumship and
I've also invited other Mediums to write a guest post. Watch this space!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The wonder of your breath

Take life one step at a time
Take time to breathe, to pause and experience life at ground level, seeing with calmer eyes and breathing with a stranger's comforting breath.
Look forwards, not backwards.
Look around you as you stand in the peace of nature.
See life as a continuous cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.
Take time to just be - to struggle is counter-productive - energy comes from stillness and balance.
To breathe is to live and to live is to breathe; we do not decide to breathe, it is a part of our being
Breath was breathed into us before birth - in our mother's womb we breathe in water (in symbiotic fluid), and in birth we learn to breathe again the air.
When life expires the breath we breath in our bodies does not stop; it carries on in the air, the earth breathes, the animals breathe, the flowers and the trees breathe and we are part of that continuous cycle of life and energy

So when you have time to pause take note of the wonder of your breath and the miracle of your connection.

Monday, 21 December 2015

The Power of Thought

The power of thought put man on the moon
Ideas and inventions are possibilities that start as thoughts.
Mankind and womankind has achieved great things and overcome great obsacles with the power of thought;
Nelson Mandela was a great example of this when he trained his mind not to accept that he was a prisoner just because he was in a prison cell. They imprisoned his body but they could not hold his thoughts.

Athletes use the power of their thoughts to believe that they can achieve.
People who are seriously injured and told they will never walk/talk/move again, use the power of thought to overcome impossible odds and prove that they can overcome physical limitations.

In every day life we use the power of thought to overcome other obstacles such as depression, anxiety, stress, family troubles, physical and mental health issues.

From the power of thought comes inspiration, intuition and hope, sometimes not from within but from our guides - either a quiet whisper or a more insistent voice to get our attention.

The power of thought can turn your life around; you can decide to change your life, your circumstances and your future by deciding that it will change; the thought comes first and the thought initiates an action which causes change.

At the end of 2015, if there are aspects of your life that you would like to change, use the power of your thoughts to create your future.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Towards Midwinter Solstice

Midwinter Solstice comes at the darkest time of the year and in ancient times people were uncertain that the light would return. Lighting candles and fires, gathering food and drink and gathering together to prepare for winter and for Yule was part of the yearly cycle of propitiating the gods to be kind and for them to allow the sun to return to the earth.
I celebrate Solstice as a time to collect my thoughts and to consider the year that is almost ending and the year to come. On 21st or 22nd of December I will light candles and do a silent meditation as I look back and consider how to use what I've learned this year and then ask for guidance, healing and energy to move forwards into the new year with optimism and an open heart.

Over the last few days I've also been thinking of things I'd like to do differently next year - my version of new years resolutions:

I'm bringing back the Carol who doesn't take herself too seriously; who dresses up for a laugh, does what she wants to do and when she wants to do it, who joins in with the karaoke, the silly games and the laughter, who has fun and giggles and flirts outrageously.
 I'm allowing back into my life the me who loves long walks in the country or on the beach (shorter now than I would like but better than none at all), the me who can sit in bed with a sandwich, a cup of tea and a pile of newspapers on a Sunday morning and not feel guilty that I'm 'wasting time'.
Welcome back Carol the Cat who walks by herself when she needs to but also shares with others the ups and downs of everyday life.
Welcome to Carol the Psychic and Medium, who's no longer afraid of her gifts,
to Carol the Comic, who makes people laugh at the absurdities she sees in life and in the world.
There are many more aspects of myself that I am welcoming back at the end of  a difficult 2015. I've learned a lot, and surprised myself and others a couple of times this year, by accepting that I don't always know the answers and can't always help. I'm learning to accept that I'm human and I have physical  limitations because I have a physical body that I have to take care of.

 That said, my inner spirit burns bright and my connection with my spirit guides grows stonger as I am shown every day that miracles are happening.
My belief that we are all part of the same cosmic family, connected by our energy and our love, allows me to hope that one day there will be no more war, that nations and individuals will be able to listen to each other and that we can work together for a world that is caring, loving and kind.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Inner Calm Through Silence
Occasionally, when I am seeking peace, head space or answers, I attend a Quaker meeting, where for an hour everyone sits in silence unless they feel a strong compulsion speak. I find, in the shared silence, a calmer yet more powerful energy.

 Waiting for God, Goddess, Spirit, your Higher Self, (whatever you believe in), to inspire you in the silence, is both harder and easier than you might think.
To sit quietly for an hour and get in touch, and in tune with yourself, to set aside your worries, is hard in today's fast-paced, do everything now world.

Yet sometimes, when faced with problem after problem and the disappointments, tears and traumas of life, the easiest way to 'sort it all out' is to sit quietly and think or, even harder, not think. To calm your mind and your heart in order to ask for spiritual wisdom and guidance and let your inner spirit have its say and show you the way to resolve your cares.
The spirit that we keep under wraps in everyday life until we are in trouble,or troubled, and then we call on it for help.

Oh what joy and peace we could have if we could call on this spiritual wisdom every day! The answer is that we can!
You don't have to go to a church or a meeting house in order to sit in the silence but if that gives you solace and peace then use what works for you.
If you're not 'religious' you can still share the silence in a group meditation.
The regular practice of letting go of your worries, asking for inner wisdom, can lead to a mind and heart that is calmer, clearer, and able to see past the obvious answers to find guided wisdom from your higher/inner self.
You can use the techniques that you learn in a group meditation and apply them, when you need them, on a daily basis, to create your own inner silence.

I hope you value yourself enough to take time, each day, to seek this inner wisdom, and that you find peace and clarity within the silence.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Setting Achievable Goals
Life has a way of making you take notice of things and situations you've been trying to ignore or hope they'd go away.
 I spent many years taking my physical health for granted but as I got older I could no longer ignore the messages my physical body was sending me that it needed some attention, particularly my knees which had started to protest at the extra weight they were carrying (i.e. me!).
 I'm finally listening to my body and doing something about the aches and pains. I saw my GP and a Homeopathic Practitioner and have started to eat more healthily in a bid to  lose some weight and feel fitter and less creaky. In the last 4 weeks I've been exercising as well and have lost 8lbs (or whatever that is in metric).
I feel good because I set myself a goal of losing 2lbs a week for 3 months and one month in I'm on target!
Small rewards are an excellent way of celebrating your achievements.
I've rewarded myself for this 4 week achievement with a trip to the cinema and I'm already planning my reward for my 3 month achievement (not food related but doing something I love to do)

Setting goals is important when you want to make changes in life and it can be used in any area of your life.
If you have a big goal, for example a complete career or lifestyle change, then breaking it down into a series of smaller goals is more manageable and achievable. Small steps.
Also prioritising is useful-deciding what you need to do first, something small to get things moving and that is achievable. 
A client of mine was bored with his lifestyle and his career-he felt it was dull and repetetive and it was!
When he did an audit of his lifestyle he realised that he was in a rut: going to the same restaurants on the same days every week, ordering the same meal every time and eating it without noticing the flavours and textures of his food.
That's just one example from his routine and rather than try to change his whole life at once his first step was to set himself the small goal of choosing something different from the menu.
His larger goal was to try different restaurants and his main goal was to learn to cook!
So, where there's a change you want to make in your life, whether big or small, what small steps can you take towards an achievable goal?

Monday, 20 July 2015

Spiritual Development

What is it? Well it's not 'one size fits all' that's for sure. Everyone has their own Life Journey and people often choose to start their search for personal or spiritual development either during or after a crisis point such as the death of a loved one or a major illness. Another trigger is often that feeling of 'there must be more to life than this..' in the everyday routine.

Some people go to see a Medium, a Psychic or a Tarot reader hoping for everything to be 'fixed' for them. It doesn't work that way.
A reading or a sitting with a spiritual guide is only a step towards what you can do for yourself in relation to the messages that you are given. What you are receiving is information, options and possibilities - you need to take responsibility for what you do with them. Personal Responsibility is the key to any search for spiritual knowledge because it's your life and you choose how you live it and how you respond to situations that arise within it.
 Certain subjects will resonate with you and others won't and there are many ways to approach a search for spirituality in your life but the most effective first step that I know is through meditation. This is how you learn to step back from your physical and logical self and move towards a different, metaphysical experience of 'being'.
I've had wonderful experiences of other 'dimensions' whilst meditating; the most amazing of all was a feeling of being up in the stars, totally enveloped in love and light and 'hearing' a voice tell me that I was safe now. This had huge meaning for me at that point in my development and it gave me the courage to change my outlook in my physical life from fearful to fearless .

So try meditation as a first step - even ten to fifteen minutes a day helps to put things in perspective. It's not easy to learn to do it alone so you may need to search out a good teacher - meditation and mindfullness are popular courses and you'll find the one that's right for you, trust yourself!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Resistance to Success

Why do we resist success? There are many reasons but for me it comes down to fear. Fear of success and not being able to keep 'coming up with the goods', fear of trying  something new (like setting up a website and blogging) and not being a success. Fear of putting myself and my ideas out into the ether for others to see and judge.
 What I keep forgetting is that I need to be able to try new ideas and allow myself to 'fail' or 'succeed' in order to develop as a human being and learn more about my reason for being here on the earth in a physical body.
Failure and success are, after all, a very personal idea based on our individual values. One person's measure of success may be to have all the things money can buy while someone else may see success as having the respect of their peers. Everyone's idea of success and failure is different because each one of us is unique.
So this morning I decided to stop the fear by checking in with my body and concentrating on the physical aspect rather than the mental torture I was inflicting on myself. I went for a swim and an hour later I was able to put things a little more in perspective: I might succeed or fail but I'm having fun just trying something new that I'm passionate and good at. What about you?